About Me

Ryan (right) with wife, Katie (left), and their son, Chase (center).

I am a creative and award-winning writer, always searching for opportunities in the field of writing, editing, publishing, communications, or a related area. I enjoy reading, writing, comic books and pop culture, listening to music, and enjoy following current events and social trends.

I grew up reading and drawing comic books, and eventually took an interest in writing comics, also. Using that talent, with my interest in community issues and politics, I began writing news and earned my BA in English with a concentration in communications and journalism minor.  I quickly rose from part-time staff writer to managing editor of a daily newspaper, where I was able to share many wonderful stories from my community.

That then transitioned into a career in communications. I was previously responsible for communications and media relations for a variety of small press comic book publishers and independent clients.

Currently I am the Director of Communications for a multi-county school resource center, serving nearly 20 school districts.

But I never stopped writing comic books. I published a few books with small-press publishers, and worked (unpublished) with Marvel Comics. I also worked on an unpublished graphic novel project with licensed property associated with the rock band A Perfect Circle.

And I continue to submit my samples to Marvel and DC Comics, hoping for a new writing and/editing project.

I am creative, enthusiastic, fast, and professional — and I have the resume and awards to prove it!

If you are an editor or publisher looking for a writer or editor, please look at my RESUME on this website, and consider reaching out to discuss your project.